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This is a Fine Art Gallery located in the Eilandje quarter of Antwerp city.

This project shows some of the available add-ons for social media etc.

A 3D Tour offers a great opportunity to showcase an art gallery.

  • For those who can visit, it gives a preview of the space encouraging them to make a real visit to the latest exhibition.

  • For those who unable to visit the gallery, they can view an exhibition.

  • It also provides a great way to show what your gallery can offer to artists who will exhibit in the future.

360 Walk Through

Visit the Gallery. Move around with your mouse and/or keyboard arrows. Click on the 'Tags' for more information and videos of the artist talking about his work.

Click on the Full Screen icon.

Run the Showreel by clicking on the arrow at bottom left.

Click below for more HELP with your tour

help screen.jpg

Animated gif view

Great eye-catcher on websites, Facebook and Instagram

Mini Video

Works on websites, Facebook and Instagram

Video example

This 2 minute video includes a zoom in from outer space to the gallery and then walks through the gallery.

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