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A world leader in VR galleries


Kunstmatrix is a very popular web based platform for creating 3D virtual galleries at a modest cost.

You can have multiple exhibitions and 'hang' your own art or photo images or video. Importantly, you can also update images regularly.

It's a great system but, as a certified partner, we can make the whole experience much easier for you and offer extra services not normally available.       


Our standard low cost service allows you to get up and running fast. No need to learn how to use the software or spend a lot of time uploading all your images. We look after everything to make sure that it looks great and works perfectly.


Kunstmatrix offers a set of standard templates. If you want something different and to stand out, we have a custom design service allowing you to create your own unique gallery. Tell us how you want your gallery to look and we will build it to your specification.

If you are selling your art, we can link it to your web shop, or even build an e-commerce site for you.

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