Welcome to our Virtual Gallery

Virtual Photo Gallery

We can build you a 100% virtual gallery using a 3D modelling system and then create a video and a virtual tour which allows the visitor to walk through the gallery at their own pace. What a great way to exhibit your work at an affordable price.

This same technology can be used to create:

  • Art Galleries

  • Showrooms

  • Demo centres

  • Offices

  • Trade show booths

We can connect your art/photo gallery to:

  • A full e-commerce shop 

  • A semi-auto sales system

Gallery Walkthrough on video
Explore the Gallery - 3D model

Take a walk through the gallery at your own pace and have a look at all the pictures. 

An e-commerce shop will be coming soon.

Navigating the Gallery​
  • Use your keyboard arrows or...

  • Click on the arrows on the floor or...

  • Simply mouse click ahead of you

  • Zoom in/out with your scroll wheel

  • Go full screen here


The Process

We start with a briefing where we discuss the style and look that you want. We can adapt everything - the size, the floor type, walls and colours etc.


Based on your requirements, we then design your gallery and the first presentation is with a video tour.

The final product is a full video and a 3D walkthrough virtual tour. We also make a short video for social media use.

The model can be based on a real gallery. From photos we can recreate almost the exact feel and look.

You can also visit an ART GALLERY here


3D Virtual Visit

Visitors to your site can walk around the gallery at their own pace. They can go up to the pictures and zoom in with their scroll wheel. 

We can place video screens that play videos! We can also place information tags with texts, images, hyperlinks.

We can make the gallery to your size and specifications to reflect your own personalised style.

If you have a VR headset, try out the full VR experience!

"I was closely involved with the creation of this gallery. The service from Charles and Jodi was exceptional. Because of their very high resolution, my images need to be shown LARGE. What a great way to do it."

Lazarus Baptiste



Your satisfaction is our guarantee


We offer highly competitive pricing on all Virtual projects.

Pricing depends on gallery size and the number of artworks, and extra services required.

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