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Image by Gaëtan Werp


When you can't - we can


If you need to hold an event but many of the potential visitors are unable to attend, what can you do?  We can create a completely virtual location for your event or conference or trade show at a very affordable price. 


In 2020 and 2021, we have done a lot of work for the European Commission creating events which normally would have had hundreds of visitors. Now conference delegates can attend online, view videos, collect documents, view graphics and, importantly network with colleagues and contacts.

No longer are you restricted to an event lasting a few days. These can run for a couple of months or for as long as you want, bringing real value.


Each project is customised to create the optimum visitor experience and to fit the theme.

Following initial briefings, we build a 3 dimensional digital space and then transform it so that visitors can walk around it on their computer, tablet or phone.

We populate the space with INFO-tags that can be clicked to view videos or live feed, or to read and download documents, or to hyperlink to web pages. Networking with online chat or setting up Zoom call is equally possible.

Everything is virtual which means that nearly anything is possible!

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