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This page has been created exclusively for Tour & Taxis 

Digital Twins

KIVO 3D offers three types of virtual visit. All easy to integrate into a website and with several great add-ons for social media content


We scan an actual shop, building, or company and create a visit of a real location


We scan an actual building or use photographs, and create a digital twin that looks very similar to the real space/building


We create a completely imaginary space/building to your specifications


Proposal for Tour & Taxis

KIVO 3D offer to scan shops and businesses within Gare Maritime to create virtual visits. These can be used on their website and for their social media.

Option 1 - we offer the service to the shops and place on a dedicated website that we create - 3D at Gare Maritime (or similar). See 3D Tervuren example below.


Option 2 - Tour & Taxis support the project and place the photos and 3D visits on their website. See sample page below.


Option 3 - Tour & Taxis take some financial involvement by, for example, subsidising virtual visit costs to encourage all businesses to participate.

REAL scans of shops, offices, showrooms
How to use a tour
  • Spaces such as Lab9 and Fysix, for example, could promote their presence at Gare Maritime

  • Bosch group could share their amazing showroom with the millions of people around Europe who will never visit GM – and it would be open 24/7

  • Tour & Taxis could show empty spaces to prospective tenants

View three very different examples by clicking on the buttons. These also show how we use tags, and special overlays for the tags - giving larger video etc

Website - Header - Opening Mare Maritime_1440x0.jpg
REAL scan of Gare Maritime hall
  • We scan the Central Hall or whole building

  • Could be placed on website with tags showing photos of previous events

  • Use to show event organisers what is available. Organisers will usually need to visit, but Tour & Taxis need to get on their shortlist of sites to be viewed. 

  • Full scans can be useful for maintenance control, fire and safety controls etc

3D Tervuren - example

We are in discussion with Tervuren Commune to create virtual visits for businesses in the town. Currently, the idea is that these tours will be integrated into their own Visit Tervuren site when the update is complete.

However, we started by creating an example of a dedicated website. This featured a map of the town with clickable points. On this map, you currently can see a restaurant, conference centre, theatre, school and an art gallery. These are for demo purposes only.

Page sample
Sample page.png
Integration Tour & Taxis - example

The attached image shows how a virtual visit and some still images from that visit could be very easily integrated into the Gare Maritime website, giving site visitors a more graphic experience.

Offers and price guide

BASIC – small premises or ones without ‘content’ to show

We would use a simple 360 camera with perhaps 2 or 3 views

Typical price €120 - €200

STANDARD – shops, offices etc

We use the full 6-lens 360 camera providing a full ‘walk-through’

Cost estimate €250 - €500


We can offer still photos from the tour, videos, 360 shots



These are used for additional information – videos, images, documents, price offers, hyperlinks

Google Street View

Our tours can be uploaded to GSV. At the moment I do not see any proper GSV Insides within Gare Maritime, only a few 360’s shot by the public. But this will come.

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