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The world has changed,  we can help you.

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Virtual Events

Trade shows, exhibitions, events, conferences, open days - due to Covid 19, maybe it may no longer be realistic to hold your event. What can you do?

We can create a completely virtual trade show at a very affordable price. One that can bring you the same foot fall as your normal event and achieve the results that your regular exhibitors and visitors are looking for.

No longer are you restricted to an event lasting a few days. This one can run for a couple of months or for as long as you want, bringing real value.


What we offer

Each project is customised to create the optimum visitor experience


Whether your event has only 2 or 3 stands or over 200 booths, we use a semi-automated web application to create dynamic individual pages for each exhibitor. These include:

  • Show special offers

  • All contact details, social media links etc

  • Videos

  • Photo gallery

  • Sales documents

Using hyperlinks, exhibitors can even create an appointment system for face to face meetings on Zoom or similar applications.

Your seminar and demo program can be integrated with videos, live events etc



Affordable & Effective

Aiming to meet the needs of exhibitors, we considered and researched online products and opportunities. Synonymous with all events and exhibitions are conversations, special offers and product releases.  It is not a giant leap to realise all those needs can be delivered online and that's a great place to start! 

Although we can offer 3D VR and AR services, our assessment for this market is that they are usually out of budget range for smaller events and exhibitions thus the creation of our offering “Virtual Online Exhibitions”.

Costs can be fully recovered by charging exhibitors a modest fee for participation.

Visitors can register for the event and receive a password for entry, thus maintaining your visitor database.

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Your satisfaction is our guarantee

We offer highly competitive pricing for Online Events

Pricing depends on the size of the event, the number of booths and extra service required.