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Modern Interior Design


A virtual visit of your existing space.

We use photorealistic 3D scanning technology to capture your existing physical spaces and create digital twins – virtual replicas where your users visualize, explore, and interact with your space online.


Digital twins are available 24/7, so your business can reach a wider audience, tap into new markets, and seize opportunities. They provide your customers with a rich and engaging experience and can reduce the cost of running physical showrooms.


You can make informed decisions about products, services, and customer experiences through the valuable data insights gained directly from your customers’ virtual visits.


An imaginary space created to your specifications.

Together we create a “virtual” digital twin exactly to your needs. There are no limits - we build it to your specification.


Make the business space of your dreams come to life! A "VIRTUAL" digital twin space that exactly fits your brand image opens doors to a whole new customer experience. Invite clients to your showroom, event centre or exhibition, even when a real-world version is not possible. 


Your space has minimal running costs and can be ideally sized to show off your products or services. Your clients will see your world in the way that you want, in high resolution too!


A digital twin based on an existing space.

A "HYBRID" digital twin merges the real and the imaginary. Starting from an existing building or interior, we create a completely digital version. It can remain identical to the real space, or we can enhance it - bigger, better, brighter, bolder, to meet your customer experience needs.


Clients can visit your perfect space when they are unable to actually visit your real one. From anywhere in the world, and it’s open all day, every day.


The space can be updated to keep pace with new products or services, adding new graphics, the latest documentation and videos as required. An art gallery can create a new exhibition by simply replacing the online pictures!


A 3-dimensional space in the Metaverse

Are you ready? With SPATIAL, we can create cool and affordable spaces that offer the Metaverse experience on any device, from smartphones to computers. Visitors can enjoy your fully immersive environments with VR headsets, with freedom to turn, move, and look in any direction while they explore your space.


Whether you choose traditional floors and walls or venture into hyperspace, the possibilities for interior, exterior, and abstract spaces are endless. Your custom-built augmented reality space can be based on a real location or be fully virtual.


All digital twins are fully responsive on smartphones, tablets and computers, with many being compatible with VR headsets.

All twins are fully responsive for smartphones, tablets and computers. Most will work with VR headsets.

Contact us for a full briefing and cost estimate.

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