The world has changed - we can help you!

  • Your customers will travel less

  • Travel will be more expensive

  • Will they visit your offices?

  • Will they visit trade shows?

We can bring your customers to you with 3D Virtual Visits

Show them around your offices or your showroom, demo centre or training rooms using 3D virtual reality. Then enhance the experience with additional information as text, images and videos.

  • Place it on your web site

  • Share it during a video call

  • Send a link in a newsletter or by email

  • Use our easy "add-ons" to share on social media


We will only photograph or scan properties in conformity with existing regulations and with adequate protection for our staff, your team and your clients.

  • Properties must be clean and prepared at least 24 hours before our visit

  • No person or animal to be present during the scanning

  • One person to arrive at the start time with keys and to conform to social distancing

  • We will wear masks and gloves while on the property. If the property is clean and tidy, we do not normally have any need to touch any surfaces

What we offer
  • We scan the space. Approx 30 minutes per 100m2

  • Create a 3D virtual visit within 48 hours

  • Add information tags to make the tour a fully immersive experience

  • Provide a set of still images

  • Anigifs and mini-videos for social media

Each project is customised to create the optimum visit experience


Meet the team and view the offices of a Brussels EU Trade Association


View equipment in action at this international framing supplies company

Innovation Hub Andover-1000px-008.jpg

Leading inkjet media supplier shows off its art gallery, print centre and studio


We offer highly competitive pricing on Virtual Tours.

Pricing depends on building size and extra services required.

Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

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