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Project :  Demo/Showroom

The Innovahub is a space designed to show off the products distributed by Innova Art, a world leading inkjet paper manufacturer and supplier. There is a large demo room with a range of large format printers and a photo studio. At the other end is a photo gallery featuring work from some of the world's leading photographers. It is also available to rent for functions and by other photo companies for seminars and training.

It uses our special overlay so that all the info tags are listed in the top left display box.  Multiple videos are used to show off key products and how to use them.

This model starts with an optional fly through - click at any point to stop this.

3D Walkthrough

Due to the amount of information available in this model. we recommend using a laptop, desktop or tablet and clicking on the Full Screen icon at bottom right.

Move around using your mouse or keyboard arrows. Click on the coloured icons to get more information and to view videos, download documents etc.


We can also provide a full video version and still images.

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