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Fujifilm Belgium Showroom.

This page shows some of the options available for a showroom.

The showroom visit was made available in French and in Dutch.

We used a special overlay so all the information tags are also displayed in the top left box.

This overlay also allows us to create and use customised icons for video, paper, cameras etc.

This model was created to encourage Belgian photographers and  shop owners to come and visit the showroom to see and try products, AND to get inspirational ideas.

360 Walk Through

Visit the showroom. Move around with your mouse and/or keyboard arrows. Click on the 'Tags' for more information and videos.

Click on the Full Screen icon.

Run the Showreel by clicking on the arrow at bottom left.

Click below for more HELP with your tour

help screen.jpg
FUJIFILM Belgium-Showroom-low.gif

Animated gif view

Great eye-catcher on websites, Facebook and Instagram

Mini Video

Works on websites, Facebook and Instagram

Video example

This video is of a walkthrough that has been beautifully 'smoothed' by our secret sauce!

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