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Standard URL code that looks like this:           

Always use YOUR code!

Add to the end of the code   &lang=fr   to make the User Interface display in French  (German de; Dutch nl; Spanish es  etc.)

To start the highlight reel automatically at the beginning, add to the code  &ts=1   It will start playing after 1 second.

Embed code that looks like this:

<iframe width='853' height='480' src='' frameborder='0' allowfullscreen allow='vr'></iframe>

It can be used with a <iFrame> to embed on your website. Set width and height as required.

Language and highlight-reel codes apply as above

How to use the Standard URL code. It is very easy.

Option 1 - Use an <html> link

Open a <html> frame and add the link -


This is how a normal <html> frame link will look at 600x350px. Size your frame as required.

This example has the showreel set to start after 2 seconds. See our User Guide for setting special URL parameters.

Option 2 - Use an image

Take an image, place it on the web site and add the URL link to the image. Set to open in a new tab. This will open the tour in a new tab when the image is clicked.

It's a good idea to add an icon or text on the image. See examples.


Option 3 - Use text

Write some text and add the URL link  Set to open in a new tab. This will open the tour in a new tab when the text is clicked.

See examples.

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