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Arles Example

This page is only designed to show the combination of map locator software with various locations within the city of Arles. It shows how 360 virtual visits can be included in locations that have a 360 visit available. The 360 visits shown were all made during the Rencontres 2021. As they were individually commissioned, the info available at each location varies. The Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation shows the most advanced layout with videos, artist interviews, etc.

You can select by category using the top left drop down box.

Clicking on DETAILS in the left menu opens a larger info box. Clicking on an icon also opens the larger info box. The larger info box can contain more information like opening hours, a photo gallery etc.

Please note:

  • The left menu, the info box, the map style, the colours and the text are all 100% editable.

  • Additional venues can be added quickly and easily using an Excel sheet.

  • Everything is fully responsive for computers, tablets and mobiles.

  • It uses a simple code allowing it to be placed on any web site.

  • Additional languages can be added.

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