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Increasing the virtual duration and value of your trade show or event

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Interactive Floorplan

Trade Shows and exhibitions offer a unique interface with the exhibitors' clients, but an event runs to a limited timeframe, from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Floorplans have generally been considered a pre-event document. However, if you look at them from a different viewpoint they can be leveraged as entering the post event world.


Visitors to the actual show can come back and revisit stands for weeks after the event. Those who were unable to attend can visit the show and get a real impression of how the stands looked. They can also link through to the exhibitors.


The benefits?

Selling Space: previous and new exhibitors alike can see what your event is like first hand, how other vendors and exhibitors display materials and products in a unique photo array.

Click to see >> https://www.printex.net.au/printex-interactive-map


Map and Locator: simply hover over the floor plan to highlight a selected stand then click on the stand to see the exhibitors showcase.


Alphabetical listing: The archive value of an interactive map which features an alphabetical listing offers previous and new visitors real insight to the now archived event. They can simply look up the exhibitors alphabetical listing, by simply hovering over the name which is then highlighted on the exhibition floor plan. Just one click displays their exhibitor showcase.


Exhibitors showcase: Showcase offers a gallery of photographs and specific details about the exhibitor and their products. See the example below.

Adding value: Most people like added value. Allowing the interactive map to stay alive on its web-based platform offers event organisers, exhibitors and exhibition attendees many additional values that traditional models of closing the show “and that’s the end of it” don't offer as it is a 24/7 solution.


SEO value: another added value is the potential of SEO to the hosted site due to the sheer amount of content.


Trackable Metrics: Although not standard in our pricing model we can add Google analytics and individual analytic dashboards for each exhibitor. Weekly reports can also be emailed.


Low hosting costs: There are no ongoing licensing costs and a modest hosting charge for the life of the site. Initially the hosting is paid 12 months in advance, and to allow our clients flexibility we require a 30 day notice to cancel hosting.

Exhibitor Showcase example

Showing photos, information and contact links



Making it happen

Photography of exhibition stands: We can work with your own photographer or supply one. We ask for five good quality images showing each stand and its product and/or personnel.

Content Data:  This can be supplied by the event organiser or we generally find an online registration form is easier for everyone.

Would you like fries with that?: Do you need customisation? Ok, the standard offering is simple and easy. We acknowledge that you may like extras, additional features and options to suit your application. These can be simple or advanced with virtual 3D or even augmented reality.

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