Image by Külli Kittus

Arles 2020

Share your exhibition with the rest of the world!


Virtual Visits

Many people will be unable to visit Arles this summer.

But why not share your exhibitions with the rest of the world?

What can you do with your tour?

  • Post it to your web site. It is simple and we will give you a guide.

  • Your artists can place it on their website and share it

  • Pass it to the press

  • Place the link on your Facebook page

  • Use it for a mailing

  • Email it to all your friends and clients who are unable to attend

  • If you have a sponsor, they can use it on their website and newsfeed


What we offer

Each project is customised to create the optimum visit experience


  • We scan the space. Approx 30 minutes per 100m2

  • Create a 3D virtual visit within 48 hours

  • Anigifs and mini-videos for social media

  • Provide a set of still images


  • Add information tags to make the tour a fully immersive experience

  • Create web links from the images to your e-commerce shop

  • Video visits - Google Earth fly-in

Art Gallery

Our work



COVID19 update

  • Tourist numbers will seriously decline this year

  • Potential visitors will worry about health risks

  • Travel is still difficult

We will only photograph or scan properties in conformity with existing regulations and with adequate protection for our staff, your team and your clients.

"We can now show our client base around our gallery without them having to travel."

Kirsty-Anne Ward

"KIVO 3D performed a really professional job scanning our gallery. Visitors still come to the real gallery if they can, but now we can share our space world-wide"

Nicola Harrold




Offer - Arles Contemporain

Up to 100m2               €200 + VAT

100m2 to 200m2        €400 + VAT

200m2 to 350m2        €600 + VAT

350m2 to 600m2        €1000 + VAT

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